Debugging a web view of a responsive site is a necessary requirement in the new mobile era, I’ve added a guide for debugging your mobile browser from the developer tools on your PC.

1. Connect the mobile device to the PC using a USB cable.

2. Enable development tools in the mobile device

For Android:

  1. Enter About
  2. Tap the Build number seven times to make Settings 🡆Developer options available
  3. Enter Developer options
  4. Enable the USB Debugging option

For IOS:

  1. Enter Safari
  2. Open Advanced Menu
  3. Enable the Web-Inspector option

3. Browse to the URL you want to debug

4. Enable development tools on the PC

On Windows:

  1. Enter Chrome browser
  2. Enter chrome://inspect in the URL path

On Mac:

  1. Enter Safari browser
  2. Enter Settings
  3. Enable the Develop menu
  4. Enter Develop

5. Choose your connected device from the device list and start debugging



Maayan Layfer

Maayan Layfer

Senior FE/FS/Mobile/Everything developer, can't fix your printer but who prints things nowadays, right?! I also do Crypto now so I may also talk a bit about it.